Fort Smith’s Hamburger Barn

Hamburger Barn Sign

 Walking Down The Avenue in Fort SmithYou can find Fort Smith’s Best Hamburgers just walking down the avenue on any given day. Eventually you’ll come upon a unique eatery, even for Garrison’ s plethera of places to fill your stomach.What sets it aside is the eclectic decorations inside which immediately put you in a nostalgic frame of mind and I know what you thinking, “a lot of restaurants have that type of decor,what’s the big deal”?Well, the deal is in all the other places, generally speaking that nostalgic mood leaves as quickly as you get their food and find it’s lack, the lack of service from your waitstaff and the tepid temperature of the beer that you’re sucking down in order to get rid of the taste in your mouth. That can happen with other cutely decorated diners, but you won’t find that at the Hamburger Barn.

Firstly, The waitstaff are individually chosen for their friendliness and attentiveness. The first thing that will strike you after their service is your embarrassment at not having brought more money to leave as a tip, they’re friendly.

Next, you’ll want to congratulate the kitchen staff, as this food will definitely make you desire a quick return trip to sample more of these period favorites from yesterday’s memories.Burgers, their signature dish are not only outstanding, but also they look and most importantly, their taste reminds you of the ” Happy Days” when a Burger WAS a Burger!

The other treats awaiting you are taste exploding. Sandwiches that harkens you back to the decades of your youth are Hamburger Barn’s BLT, that is to die for, a True Club, the Steak Sandwich, the Reuben or the French Dip. Sumptuous dinners include Chicken or Steak of the highest quality. On the lighter side, you may want to sample the Charbroiled Chicken Salad, which you will find to be wonderful.

Our Beer Cooler

Our Beer Cooler

But let’s talk Burgers ( and that IS something to proclaim), their succulance will allow you to sometime take more time than you thought to savor their goodness  or order more than you could really eat, but don’t mind that, that’s why God made “Doggie Bags”!

 Top off your delicious meal with a bottle of an ICE-COLD beer of your choice, from our famous beer cooler (the ONLY way to get it colder is to have it frozen).

I could list ALL their varieties of Burgers, but I’ll just leave it at, they’re all great (but ONLY if you love high quality, well cooked and served Burgers).

After you are awakened from your reverie and the memories of your youth, it will be time to pay the bill. That will almost be as pleasant as the rest of your visit. Checking the bill will cause you to wonder why you don’t treat yourself everyday or so to the Hamburger Barn. Besides being inexpensive, the variety of menu items will guarantee that you will have any dish to fit your mood that day.

See you at the Barn!

Our Home Is Your Home!

Our Home Is Your Home!